The Ormskirk, Preston and Southport Travellers’ Association (OPSTA) Constitution

    1. Name
    The name of the association shall be the Ormskirk, Preston and Southport Travellers’ Association (OPSTA).

    2. Aims
    a) To seek the retention, improvement and development of the Ormskirk to Preston rail line, and the Southport to Wigan (and Manchester) rail line, and to seek the re-opening of the Burscough Curves linking the two lines, and thereby the opening up of new rail travel opportunities.
    b) To seek the development of the Preston to Ormskirk and Liverpool, Southport to Wigan and Manchester and Liverpool to Kirkby, Wigan and Manchester rail lines as through routes serving these major population centres.
    c) To press for co-ordination between bus and rail services with the ultimate aim of a fully integrated public transport system.
    d) To encourage greater usage of public transport.

    3. Membership
    (i) Membership shall be open to all who agree with the above aims. The annual subscription shall be decided on at each Annual General Meeting. Acceptance of membership shall be at the discretion of the majority of the Committee. The subscription shall be due on each 1st June.
    (ii) The Committee shall have the right, for good and sufficient reason, to exclude from membership any individual member, provided that the individual member shall have the right to be heard at a General Meeting before a decision is made.

    4. Powers
    To further the above aims the Association may:
    a) Publish papers, reports, and other literature.
    b) Hold meetings, lectures and exhibitions.
    c) Organise fund raising activities.
    d) Make representations to local and national bodies.
    e) Affiliate to other kindred bodies.

    5. Government
    a) The AGM of the Association shall be held between 1st May and 31st July each year, at least 21 days notice of the meeting having been given in writing to members of the Association.
    b) The Association shall be governed by a committee which shall be elected at the AGM subject to Clause 5f(ii) below.
    c) The Committee shall consist of: President, Vice-Presidents, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Newsletter Editor and up to 12 others.
    d) The Committee shall have the power to co-opt up to 3 extra members during its year of office.
    e) Other officers, (e.g. Membership Records Officer) may be appointed by the committee from within its elected or co-opted membership.
    f) (i) The President and Vice-Presidents shall be nonĀ­voting members of the Association.
    (ii) The President and Vice-Presidents shall be appointed by, and shall hold office at the discretion of, the elected and co-opted members of the committee, and shall not be subject to re-election at the AGM.
    g) The entire committee, excluding President and Vice-Presidents, shall retire and may individually offer themselves for re-election at the AGM, except that any committee member not attending at least 3 meetings in the prior year, without good and sufficient reason, shall not be eligible for re-election for that year.
    h) Any member wishing to stand for election to the committee must give at least 14 days notice in advance of the AGM, in writing, to the Secretary.
    i) Any member wishing to propose a motion for discussion at the AGM must give at least 14 days notice in advance of the AGM, in writing, to the Secretary. Matters which have not been notified in this way may only be discussed at the Chairman’s discretion, under AOB.
    j) General meetings, open to all members, will normally be held at three monthly intervals. All members are welcome to attend and vote. Decisions are made if agreed by a simple majority of members present and voting and so long as the meeting is quorate. Non-members may attend but cannot vote.
    k) The Committee may meet from time to time to consider relevant issues. Any decisions reached shall be brought before a General Meeting for ratification.

    6. Amendments
    Any amendment to the constitution shall be decided at a General Meeting (or AGM) of which at least 14 days notice shall be given. Any amendment will be accepted if it is agreed to by a simple majority present and voting and so long as the meeting is quorate.

    7. Finance
    All monies raised by the Association shall be used for the furtherance of the aims of the Association. The Hon. Treasurer shall keep proper accounts and shall keep the committee informed of the financial position. The accounts are to be made up to the 31st December each year.

    8. Quorum
    The quorum at a General Meeting shall be 7 and at a committee meeting shall be half plus one of the current membership of the committee . If a quorum is not present at a meeting the business may be transacted but shall have to be ratified at the next quorate meeting.

    9. Dissolution
    Any decision to disband OPSTA shall be taken at a General Meeting of which at least 21 days notice shall be given. If the decision is confirmed by a simple majority present then the group shall be considered dissolved. Any surplus funds after the payment of any liabilities shall be given to kindred organisations

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