Who are we?
The Ormskirk, Preston and Southport Travellers' Association - OPSTA - is the rail user group for West Lancashire's railways using the traditional boundaries described by Preston, Wigan and Liverpool.

We are a non political group that campaigns for the retention, improvement and development of the railway links between Liverpool and Preston via Ormskirk, and from Southport and Kirkby to Manchester via Wigan. 

If you find that we share common aims please join us or follow us here and on twitter @opsta15. Don't hesitate from contacting us with a query, suggestion or feedback.

OPSTA to address Railfuture North West AGM on 24th February 2018 (details to follow)

Fare Collection - Rail users can assist by emailing their observations and experiences to opstafare@gmail.com.

Train Timetables from October 2017 (to follow)

Ormskirk-Preston times shown here are still correct and keep checking the rail websites for information on further Sunday services

Southport & Kirkby-Manchester with the operator forced to run under temporary and emergency timetables at present this link has been removed for the time being and you are advised to check the rail websites



Southport Manchester Services – Services Proposed from May 2018

With electrification between Preston and Manchester delayed to end of year, and the development of the Class 769 bi-mode
trains looking like it has failed due to fundamental design problems, it means that any train running through Bolton this year will be reliant on diesel traction.

Therefore, on the basis the rail industry will press ahead with a number of service changes in May a reasonable approach would to retain our service albeit there may need to be some changes to times.

We thought we were reaching such an understanding with Northern until we discovered Network Rail's latest thinking in the public domain which showed just two commuter services to Piccadilly in the morning and just one return service in the evening.

When challenged Northern said initially "it was a work-in-progress" but when OPSTA pushed back with this not being a justified or acceptable change in May they have taken a position that they will not speak with us before March "when they
will have the detail".

That will be less than 10 weeks before the any changes to service in May will come into effect and the campaign is not accepting what will be fait accompli.

The business case makes an incontrovertible argument for this without giving up all of the improved Victoria services. A very high cost benefit ratio means the small investment will be well spent. The case draws heavily on the analysis of passenger numbers, survey results and passenger/ business comments about how important this service is. Backed by the other MPs, Damien Moore is going to push it at the top level of (his) government seeking an early response.