A lot goes on behind the scenes of the subsidised railways in the UK, and OPSTA makes every effort to influence proceedings.

    OPSTA is a member of the West of Lancashire Community Rail Partnership (site here).  The Community Rail Partnership is a Department for Transport initiative to rejuvenate local lines.  Due to starvation of investment and poor levels of service, these 'Cinderella' routes had fallen into decline, unable to fulfil their potential.  By generating additional interest through service improvements and a closer association with their communities and stakeholders, the Partnership seeks to restore their credibility as revitalised transport links.  

    OPSTA sends a delegate to attend the several conferences organised in each year by Travel Watch North West (
    site here), formerly the North West Public Transport Users Forum, which is an independent organisation representing all users of public transport in the North West of England.

    OPSTA stays in touch with local Members of Parliament to ensure that they are aware of West Lancashire's railways and to lobby them to raise issues in the national domain.  

    OPSTA contributes to the consultation process involved with Network Rails' Route Utilisation Strategy (site

    OPSTA meets and corresponds with Northern Rail (link), Merseyrail (link), Network Rail (link), Merseytravel (link), local authorities, Transport for Greater Manchester (link), and other organisations to represent the views of members and ensure that the interests of rail users are represented.   

    OPSTA is affiliated to other rail user groups in the region.  Best practice is shared through regular regional rail user group conferences organised by Travel Watch North West.

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